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Hi there.!! Its me..

Environmental engineer


Working for the purpose of getting earth greener, sustainable, and innovating technology to allign with sustainability.

I am an environmental engineer and energy management professional. I am currently based in beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada. My mother country is India where I completed my education and Bachelor degree.

I am immensely interested in environment and its phenomena. Therefore I studied environmental engineering. The concept of sustainability and working on it is my true passion.



  • Founder NatureBook Organization

  • Led the group for several social initiatives and campaigns


  • Founder of ecommerce companies based on local supply (Emart(2016) & Nexus(2017))

  • Founder of Smart-tree air purifiers.

Public speaking

  • Delivered talk to several schools in Surat related to social awareness.

  • Designed a local speaking platform to showcase the unique skills named SKILLS DEVELOPMENT.


  • Integrate technology and sustainability with business functioning to give a cutting edge infrastructure that sustains environment and economy.

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