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Hinduism and Sustainability: An insight to the new dharma and adharma

Hinduism or let me say it in its actual form, SANATAN DHARM is the oldest known religion or say culture or civilization on planet earth. The data ranges in thousands of years and seems quite relevant to the research and findings by many historians. And since I am writing this, you may relate it to what will be the topic from the title itself. Yes, about nature, about sustainability. Let's understand it with terminology. Sustainability is widely used for nature and the environment but it is not exactly just about that. sustainability is the ability to sustain, sustain what? Sustain the existence, form, and state. Lord Krishn taught about this to Arjun in Kurukshetra.

He talked about the sustenance of dharma against the growing a-dharma, injustice, and cruelty. He said it to Arjun but it is relevant universally. The whole system of the universe is made to expand and dissolve. Any kind of stagnant condition will ultimately harm the system and hence the force opposing the condition has to form to destruct it for the universe to sustain. Read that again. See the nature, nothing stays, everything has to destruct and change its form. The damage to nature is a human interference and it is excessively unnatural which is why we want to work on this problem. Nature will still strive to find ways to mitigate the damage and form certain calamities to stop the momentum. You see humans are the only species that have made a lot more species extinct from the earth due to damage to natural habitats. There were a million species that had gone extinct due to unfit or non-adaptive consequences, but the humans have scaled it largely for their own development. Now how out of the blues am I connecting the spiritual knowledge of dharma with my professional education? The answer is deeply rooted in the meaning of dharma. Dharma states the work is of utmost significance and justifiable. What else on the earth today is most significant is preserving the environment and nature. This is dharma for today. And we need to understand the duties and responsibilities towards protecting it for future generations. The yug needs an Arjun who can fight against their own people, to establish the dharma. To uproot the old generations (Bhishma pitamah), who kept watching everything happening in front of their eyes. To defeat old schools (Acharya Dron) who made humans(Arjuna) capable to fight but yet not fighting the destruction that happened in his presence. To kill the industries and corporate (Kauravas) who went blind in the desire to achieve market (Hastinapur), they disrobe nature (Draupadi) and tried to rip off the vegetation and forests (Saree of Draupadi) in front of the world leaders and politicians (blind Dhritrashtra and his sabha). But definitely, there are some organizations and people who are playing the role of Krishn to protect Draupadi from the exploitation, and soon there will be a war where Dharma will be re-established for the future generation. The story has always been this and it always will be. Choose your side wisely.

Lord Krishn has promised to descend whenever the a-dharma takes over dharma. I know where Krishn has come again, it is within us. He will definitely guide us through to fight this a-dharma and win the war. Understand this and read it again. Jay Shree Krishn.

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