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Mother earth : Deal for heal?

It is clearly visible from the current situations that global warming and climate change has acquired a lot of momentum. So tremendous that it seems we are readily too late. Let us analyse the whole situation in today`s blog. It was around the pandemic back in 2020. The whole world was imposed the lockdown. All industrial activities got to stop except food industries. Transportation and aviation was immediately stopped to break the chain of transmission. There was a huge shot down on the world economy but on the other hand nature saw a tendency of recovering. Rivers were observed to get cleaner and aquatic lives got to see the best water quality in last few decades. But this was soon to end as we humans are more inclined towards maintaining and growing economy rather than environment and animals. And exactly after a year later in mid 2021, we saw a lot of wild fires and floods around the globe.

All the ups and down ultimately points only one thing that is human intervention in all aspects of environment. Nature has tremendous capacity to recover, preserve and nurture the species alive on earth, but we humans have been always focusing on growth of economy, cities, internet network, production of products and so on. But we barely worked upon actually working upon nature and environment. All the so called protection organisations are ultimately managed by the authorities of several countries who have their own intentions and criteria for making policies and research. Whatever we do, it is nearly impossible to stop all this immediately, hence whta comes to play is the revolution required to counter act the momentum built all these decades. What should be done to turn the momentum reverse? Well healing needs to be done. It is like our bodies get sick, we need medication to help out bodies fight the diseases. We can eat good food and medicine to get back healthy and fit. Similarly earth needs to be given some extra care. We need to grow back greenery. We need to eliminate emissions in atmosphere. We need to switch to clean transportation. Along with all this, the individual behaviours needs to be more aware about conservation.This is difficult as it is not possible to convince people about the possible outcomes. And till the time they may get convinced, it would be readily too late. But discussing problems has no ends. It will go on forever. Let us discuss the possible solutions. And there are many parts that needs to be done, but the foremost for me as an environmental engineer has always been afforestation. Why do we think cities with trees are not possible. We should innovate solution to make building greener with plants rather than just naming them green building. Can we make such infrastructure where we can add plants and trees in our buildings? Certainly we can.


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