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The solution to beat global warming - A lot of Trees

Global warming has got a huge international reputation which seems not getting spoilt soon. Just kidding. It is a big problem. You must be thinking, "Oh Milan, no lecture again. Already fed up with it". Neither I want to write any deeply emotional story that can spike your hormones and make you feel do something just for an hour and later forget it all over.

That`s not my style pals. I rely on science and statistics. Coming to the topic. Global warming has increased the global average temperature by 0.8 degrees Celsius. The projections by IEA(International Energy Agency) in 'Net-zero by 2050' states the rise of a degree Celsius or more. Limiting them requires a lot of commitment to limiting emissions. They mentioned the electrification of energy sources and shifting the production of electricity to a clean source which is renewable solar, wind, geothermal, bio-energy, and hydro-energy. I really believe in all the facts and statistics along with the accuracy of projections. In 2015, the Paris agreement took place at the Conference of Parties(an international event held every year). This was the 21st meeting and the discussion was around climate change and of course the hero of this article Mr. global warming. They made a goal to anyhow reduce the emissions to make a carbon-neutral world by 2050. The recent COP meeting which was COP26 in Glasgow amid the COVID crisis was held successfully. Countries' leaders committed on the behalf of their respective nations voluntarily. So all these people are right in so many ways, but I have a question. Is there no importance of trees in all the discussions? To mention it here, COP26 had mentioned trees on the website stating investments and pledges for the end of deforestation. Nice. At least they think it is something relevant.

So Trees are capable of absorbing CO2 and we know that they can help in covering the land surface to absorb the sunlight and not reach land which could be absorbed and heated. I cannot trust in my perception that any country will compromise its development and economics for cutting down emissions. I don't believe that these people are smart enough yet don`t want to stop the emissions. rather the focus is on cutting down emissions on a yearly basis without any efforts on reforestation, afforestation, planning environmental management, and resources. The focus should be on stopping cutting trees all around the world with the involvement of the public. All countries should pledge to preserve the trees and massive plantations. There are campaigns going on and they must be recognized widely to help them promote the idea of the plantation. In addition to this, the planted trees must be PRESERVED. The responsibility is social and organizations can help to volunteer the care of those trees. On a global level, this will definitely help fight climate change and global warming. Also the last shoot fact for you, after massive afforestation or reforestation, the current global climate change will definitely resist the efforts and hence it cannot be surprising. Keep efforts on and continue the process, the results will be a lot of fresh air and fruits in the end.

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