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What will the world look like in the next 10 years?

The answer to this is predictably unpredictable. Wordplay, but truth somewhere. In last 2019, till December there was not a single clue of years ahead. It is much of an economic loss. People around the world struggled to keep their business going, and similarly job loss. Deaths were immense because of the pandemic. In between all the losses, there were a few more events that somehow were similarly important as they are alarming red light in years ahead. In Canada, we saw extreme heat events in many places that were record-breaking.

But if I say this is not record-breaking but also record-making for years ahead. Let me say that there are no anyways we humans are going to compromise the lifestyle we have made. Economies of the world are all at the extreme speed of operating the supply. Tell me a single company or person who will change their habit or luxury or convenience whatever the impact it has. Including me, I cannot think of the same. This seems to be impossible. But things like lockdown made it possible to happen. Similar kind of things will be happening around the world in next 10 years. But in my context, with regards to the environment. Nature is suffering a lot because of humans and we are at the point where there is no going back to compromise the comfort and convenience. Likewise we will see that there are problems to economy and infrastructure due to harsh conditions of climate change. The data statistics will record a drastic change in numbers. Health factor for people will be affected a lot more in these 10 years and later. Animals extinction will continue ahead with a lot more species getting pushed further towards extinction. Last 2 decades saw a lot more rapid extinction which are unnatural. Our planet has seen a lot more extinction and let me say that it is unpreventable process. But here we are just talking about human pressure exerted on natural resources. No species went extinct before around 500 years because of lack of habitat or resources. The reasons were more about diseases, calamities, disasters, and population imbalances. Can you believe that thousand years of existence got vanished because of human interference? You must have thoughts that how are we affecting their population. The answer is we all don`t even know how deeply connected the world is. How human actions are affecting environment? Let's understand this first. Human consumption is growing with human population. And rapid demand is putting extra pressure on natural resources like Land/agriculture or forests, fresh water. This tendency of fulfilling demand somehow disturbs the quality and state of resources which in turn creates problems with other species. Since not all species are getting any attention in terms of health care (for obvious reasons- it is just for humans and their pets). A lot more species will be seen going extinct because of humans. A lot more deadly diseases like COVID-19 are obviously predictable (cannot specifically say human-made due to lack of evidences, but may be bio-weapon, anyways).

The world needs a solid understanding of not compromising the nature for human demands. There must be a complete understanding by the people to respect the existence of all other species and to limit the population expansion throughout. A lot of information is available on web about the human impact which may be debatable. But the end line is human being need to check the system we have built on our planet to accommodate the presence of all other species and their well being.

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